What hangaround offers

Hangaround modernizes your airport and places it in a leadership position in the market. Designed to revive aviation and build airport communities, Hangaround is providing an innovative online presence and tools to airports around the country.

Basic Airport Community Group

All public airports in the United States are setup with the basic community group. This is a place that Hangaround members can join to connect with other members at that airport. Each airport community is listed on and searchable by the airport identifier code.

A basic airport community group is free and easy to set up on Hangaround. Simply navigate to the Airport Groups tab on, select “Create Group,” and fill in the blanks. Now, you just have to spread the word.

The newsfeed is a place where airport members can get social and see what is going on at the airport. This is a great way for fellow pilots to meet one another and a tool that can help others get involved in aviation.

By default, airport members will receive notifications by email if someone posts on the newsfeed, in a group they are a member of, or if a new blog post or announcement is published. Now members will never miss an update again.

Basic airport information is easy to find on the internet, but things like courtesy car availability are more difficult to find. Airport members can add and manage information that they think others will find valuable.

A searchable airport directory makes it easy to find and connect with other pilots, students, and businesses at your airport.

Premium Community Platform

The Premium Airport Community is an upgrade from the Basic Community Group. With a premium airport community on Hangaround, you have will have a fully configurable website and membership platform for your airport. The premium airport community goes best alongside either a custom website or a website designed from Hangaround’s airport template.

A premium airport community has some serious perks. On top of a beautiful website, a premium community comes with a unique space for airport members and businesses to connect with each other. The website and community can be immediately configured by administrators(s) at the airport. However, as an Alpha Hangaround member, any requested configurations or changes will be made within 48 hours by a Hangaround team member.

Members can join your airport community directly on your site, or use their existing Hangaround log-in information to access your site.

*features include the following in addition to basic plan’s features

In airport groups, members are able to join a conversation with a smaller community of people. Airport groups can be used for flight clubs, flight schools, or anything that might be of interest to community members.

Many airport members are unaware of airport events until it is too late. With the airport event calendar, you can ensure that all airpot members are aware of upcoming airport events.

Airport members and people coming to your airport for the first time often have a lot to say about their experience. With airport reviews, they can share their experience for everyone to see.

Many airports still rely on old fashion methods to keep members up to date. With a premium airport community, you are able to make announcements via blog posts directly to the community.

Airport members are able to sell items specifically to the airport community.

Additional services

Web design

Many airports do not have an online presence, nor do they have the resources to dedicate to building a website – that’s where Hangaround helps.

We offer web design and hosting plans to all airports & businesses, Hangaround member or not. However, Premium Airport Members receive hosting and support at no additional cost. Web hosting for airports on the Basic Membership starts at $30 / month.

Both website options include a URL. Each URL starts with your airport identifier code followed by For example: Custom domain names can be arranged.

Both website packages integrate the community aspects of Hangaround into the website.

Custom Design

Price Varies*

For airports that want to stand out from the crowd, Hangaround will build a professional website that fits your standards.

If you are an Alpha member airport, your custom site and premium airport community will be integrated together.

If you already own a domain name that you wish to use, just let us know and we will make it work.

Design from Template

Base Price: $750

We have a professional template designed specifically for airports. With a few modifications of images and text, it will represent your airport well.

All we will need from you is exactly what you would like the site to say and copies of the images you wish to use.